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How I beautified my pigs



Their names

Why ?

Ok, even a dirty pig will run, but take a look and decide for yourself:
before after
Need I say more?

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At first the oily pig was degreased
and the loose paint was removed:

After that, I applied some masking tape:

The pig in my "painting booth"
where the primer was applied:

And now after the priming was completed:

This is the beautiful result after the painting:

The new home for the pigs (still to be painted):

Moving in...:

Get together:

Drop-front closed:

No, I won't describe this...

Some closeups:

Yes, this is an endcap for pipes.
I found it in the garden section
of my local home depot
(used for garden chairs and tables):

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Finding a name for the pigs:

I painted my pigs in blue. In combination with the white insulaters the have, it makes them look very bavarian (the bavarian national colors are white and blue due to the famous colors of the sky here in Bavaria). So what is the bavarian slang for a small piglet? "Suckifacki" (pronounced "sooki-fucky", the root is the german word "Ferkel")! I refrained to name them Sucki & Fucky for obvious reasons ;-)

If I had decided to paint them in pink, I would have named them Babe & Wilbur, but as said, they are blue now...

They are designated to power my BIGcoil (name of the project is Blue Thunder), so I tried to find some better names for them. They are two little identical pigs, so I searched for famous twins. In the greek mythology (inspired on a holiday trip to Krete in the year 2000), I found the proper characters: Deimos (fright) und Phobos (fear), which are the sons (twins, of course ;-) of Aphrodite and Ares (Mars), who btw, was the son of Zeus (yes, that was the one with the lightning) and Hera.

From this, it was only a small step toward the names for the other inductive components of blue thunder:

secondary = Zeus
primary = Hera
tuning coil = Ares (the son of Hera)
first ind. ballast = opponent of  Deimos and Phobos = Kronos (father of Zeus)
second ind. ballast = opponent of  Deimos and Phobos = Rhea (mother of Zeus)

1. an ancient Greek personification of terror, a son of Ares and Aphrodite.
2. astronmical meaning: one of the two moons of Mars.

1. Also, Phoobus, pronunciation: (fO'bus). Mythological meaning: a son and attendant of Ares and the personification of a fear held to possess armies and cause their defeat.
2. astronmical meaning: one of the two moons of Mars. Cf. Deimos.
Zeus, in Greek religion and mythology, son and successor of Kronos as supreme god. His mother, Rhea, immediately after his birth concealed him from Kronos, who, because he was fated to be overthrown by one of his children, ate all his offspring. Rhea gave him a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes which he devoured immediately, not suspecting that the infant Zeus still lived. Later, Zeus tricked Kronos into disgorging his brothers and sisters and led them in a successful revolt against their father (see Titan). When lots were cast to divide the universe, the underworld went to Hades, the sea to Poseidon, and the heavens and earth to Zeus. Zeus was an amorous god. His first mate was probably Dione, but his official consort was his sister, Hera, who bore him Ares and Hebe. Zeus also loved Themis, Eurynome, Demeter, Mnemosyne, Leto, and Maia and fathered many gods. Famous among his mortal loves were Danaë, Leda, Semele, Thetis, Io, and Europa. His sons sired from mortal wives include Hercules, Dardanus, and Amphitryon. He was also the father of Athena, who was said to have sprung from his head. Supreme among the gods, Zeus, ruling from his court on Mt. Olympus, was the symbol of power, rule, and law. As the father god and the upholder of morality, he rewarded the good and punished the evil. The root meaning of Zeus is "bright" or "sky," and in this sense he was god of weather and fertility. Thus he was worshiped in connection with almost every aspect of life. The most famous weapon of Zeus was the thunderbolt, but, according to some legends, he also possessed the aegis. The Romans equated Zeus with their own supreme god, Jupiter (or Jove).

See A. B. Cook, Zeus (3 vol., 1914-40).

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HV-Filter for the PTs (well actually against the RF entering my house wiring):

Through the perspex top cover you can see
the wooden bar which holds the pigs down:

Here I placed the components for the HV-filter (R,C,R,MOV,SG)
on top of the cover to see if they really will fit:

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