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My third solid state HV source

(output peak voltage 6.7kV)
again using a fly-back transformer


Table of contents:

Specs of the circuit

The specs of the third TV fly-back system are:

This circuit was extracted from a really huge CO2-LASER (1kW beam power continious duty!) where it was the ignition circuit:

Sorry for the german text in the schematic,
english version is coming soon after more detailled testing of the circuit!

I finally managed to get the whole thing (WITH the power supply) into its old housing:

Here the housing is closed:

And here with a paper clip installed to make a miniature Jacobs ladder:

And now with some power applied:


Here are two movie clips. the first one shows me starting the arc by sticking some kind of metal tool between the rails, the second one using a lighter (click the images):

Experiments, max. arcs etc.: