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Important: The date given is the date I updated the files on my HDD, NOT the date I uploaded the files onto the server. Usually, these dates are the same, but sometimes there will be a delay (I'm to lazy to upload every minor change immediately)!
Ever wanted to know how it all started with my website? If you REALLY feel curious, you can look at some old versions which have been archived by "The Wayback Machine" at It offers billions of old websites and even most of the graphics. But it's not searchable. You have to know the URL of the old site. Here comes the one to my old pages:*/
That works only with my old pages from Oct. 1999 until February 2001 (I don't know why the very old pages from 09. Dec. 1997 till Sept. 1999 are not archived there..), because Terry, who kindly hosts my site since the old provider shut down the free hosting business, has placed a robots.txt file in his root directory to prevent lots of spiders consuming to much bandwith. But that's not really a problem, the currrent version of my website is the best ever anyway ;-)  

16.08.09 c-banks in general simulation of spark gap resistance (with data from Bert Hickmans experiment)
15.08.09 MP-capacitor-bank some math and simulations of the caps (maximum current during discharge)
12.08.09 MP-capacitor-bank now the diagrams of the self discharge measurement on the BIG caps are online
11.08.09 violet wand smurfs added the detailled images of all spare electrodes and image of the stand for them  
08.08.09 MP-capacitor-bank measured the BIG caps we aquired lately (we'll build a 23kJ bank with 16kV out of them)
11.07.09 TThon2009 performed again at the Zollernalb Sternwarte, first images are online now
23.05.09 MP-capacitor-bank I made a private show on 23.05.09. For that reason (good reason :-)) I build my first MP capacitor bank. Some images of other devices presented at that show will apprear thoughout the whole website later. Still have to put the results of vaporized material here
12.07.08 TThon2008 sorry, I still have to put the images online from our event at the Zollernalb Sternwarte in 2008
09'2007 X-ray museum finally managed to put the images online from my visit in 2007, still have to put more text here

11.01.08 bloody films Added some educational films for increasing the awareness of how important saftey is at work and in the hobby (splatter, blood, humor)

08.04.07 safety Added the description (link to image) about destroying a watermelon with high voltage (at the end of the page). Think about what would have happened if the melon would have been your arm, leg etc.!!!

02.01.07 Cockroft-Walton multiplier added more images of the CW-multiplier as well as two videos of driving a spark table with it
01.01.07 primary coil added the long missing images of various primary coil construction techniques

29.12.06 capacitor banks some more images and information on the electrolytic capacitor bank page

05.11.06 ball lightning added a new page on ball lightning
05.11.06 capacitor banks splitted the capacitor bank pages into 3 separate pages

02.10.06 safety measurement on skin depth added (yes, it really doesn't apply to humans at TC frequencies and that is fine!
02.10.06 violet wand added a press release showing me at the HamRadio2005

10.08.06 fulgurites we created DENDRITIC fulgurites, a must see ;-)
10.08.06 arcs around glassplate added some new pictures and a videoclip
10.08.06 Capacitor banks
(formerly "high energy")
Added some more electrolytic caps i aquired together with Toni and added a box of electrolytic caps I can build with the caps I got from Daniel.

30.07.06 Capacitor banks
(formerly "high energy")
Added some more MP caps for a total of ~7kJ@8kV (modules all rated for 10kV, I'll go for 80% voltage to ensure longer lifetime)

13.05.06 instruments Added code-table to decipher the code which is written on various measurement instruments 
07.05.06 fulgurites more images of the second fulgurite-meeting with Toni on 07.05.06
01.05.06 Capacitor banks
(formerly "high energy"
Added more caps and datasheets

07.04.06 Cockroft-Walton multiplier minor changes in the text
01.04.06 violet wand pages Added a letter from company Fischer

17.03.06 Cockroft-Walton multiplier Two more photographs of setup with potential rings and bigger top toroid, schematics of wiring added.
17.03.06 instruments Added image of RF-mA-meter.
11.03.06 instruments Buildt housing for peak voltage meter, plans for analog current meter (for short circuit current of flyback circuits), plans for a tester for HV-diodes, more photographs.
11.03.06 Cockroft-Walton multiplier First measurements, more photographs.
06.03.06 Cockroft-Walton multiplier First Light! Power-arcs and lift-off of two lifters (photographs and vidoes online!).

02.02.06 Cockroft-Walton multiplier The first pictures are online now! Updated again! And again on 10.02.2006!
02.02.06 instruments I made a separate page for my HV-measurement devices. 30kV peak voltage detector, 400kV resistive devider, 50kV resistive devider, 40kV resistive devider. Updated again!

31.01.06 Cockroft-Walton multiplier Final geometry and components for the 4 stage model
27.01.06 Cockroft-Walton multiplier Another important update: I added the simulation and description of the 4-stage-model I'm building at the moment (better to start small).

25.01.06 Cockroft-Walton multiplier First design ideas middle of January. Updated again 24.01.06! Another update on 25.01.06!  
01'06  Jacobs Ladder Added some info about chemistry to produce coloured flames on the rails of a Jacobs Ladder.
01'06 AC fly-back Images of the nearly finished the new alumnium case with bigger heatsink, 2 lead acid batteries, big cooling fans etc.  
01'06 safety for violet wands
AC fly-back
ignition circuit
Added measurements of peak voltages of my violet wand, the HV-AC-case and the igniton circuit.
01'06 ignition circuit Added the long awaited photographs and updated the technical description.
01'06 high energy Added simulation fitted to measurement of Max B. at his 2.7kJ bank of MP-caps.

10'05 2"-system
DC fly-back
AC fly-back
electrodes for violet wands
Added a lot of new photographs from the Teslathon 2005, where we had fun with Vitamini, the 2"-TC, a lifter, soap bubbles on high potential, me as a Jedi knight, an old violet wand and other high voltage and high energy toys.
10'05  high energy Added new photographs and schematics, the planning of the 40kJ capacitor bank is ongoing!
 10'05 fulgurites Homemade Fulgurites on Halloween

30./31.07.05 Teslathon 2005 During the weekend 30./31.07.2005, a Teslathon was held near Daniels home.
For details please see

01'05 general coiling activities Had to clear the basement where I stored all my equipment over the past 2 years. Furthermore, the Faraday cage I buildt into it, had to be dismantled. This meant another major break in my coiling activities since I had to compress all the stuff I own into the (little) remaining space :-'( Again, I have no area to fire up the coils...

10'04 primary coil Started this new page on how to make a (better) primary coil. More info will be placed here when time permits.
10'04 rotary spark gap Added info on the phase shifter
10'04 high energy Added some thoughts on the gap mechanisms and the new caps from the hamfest season 2004
10'04 violet wand pages Added some schematics, updated calculations, lots of thoughts on safety
10'04 inductive ballast Added some diagrams (measurements on ballast)
10'04 technology, part 4 Added text on k-factor, coupling and quenching (definitions, how to measure, goals)
10'04 all the pages marked with 
an r on the site map
Completely revised, typos corrected, text clarified, faults eliminated, added new graphs on efficiency with updated data points

01'04 violet wand,
electrodes for violet wands,
safety for violet wands
Added some more detailled information to the "vintage pages" (violet wands, their electrodes and their technology and safety)
01'04 all pages Due to a highly increased SPAM rate, I removed my email adresses from all pages. Now my current email adress is only visible as an image so that it can't be catched by the spam robots.

10'03 violet wand,
electrodes for violet wands,
safety for violet wands
Rebuildt the "vintage pages" (violet wands, their electrodes and their technology and safety).
10'03 Installed the shelves in the new basements.

06'03 search page thanks to Terry (who allowed the robots to crawl over his server) my website is now searchable with Picosearch.

05'03 high energy page new MP pulse caps and some additional electrolytics => now 4kJ and 5.6kJ resp.

05'03 basement finally got additional one and a half basements => after installing some shelves I will sort my material and hopefully find some missing goodies again ;-) I have a small area for experiments and a work bench for building some new machines / reworking older ones (like installing MMCs in my TCs). 

10'02 the whole website Still correcting all the failures I found during holiday in September

09'02 the whole website During a nice holiday on the sunny beach of Cote D'Azur (France), I've read through all the pages (250pages printout!) and searched for errors, old myths etc.

08'02 rain page New page about a failed attempt to photograph lightning
08'02 technological background devided the old big page into 4 separate smaller ones
08'02 Smurfs New page is now online, a Smurf (Schlumpf) with a violet wand set with many different electrodes (which I blew myself over the gas flame)
08'02 sitemap Shiftet the links to all my pages from the "home"-page  (TOC) to this separate site map
08'02 fet half bridge - 1 Buildt for me by Peter, a coiling friend from France still nothing done here
08'02 high energy page My planned can crusher and more fun with some kJ of capacitor power at up to 10 kV heavily under construction
08'02 search page Search my site, a local search engine provided by <freefind> still nothing done here
08'02 Jenimini A HOW-TO from a newbie to a newbie, covers secondary coil construction, gap, primary and toroid construction
08'02 Jacobs Ladder New page about my 3.8kW Jacobs Ladder
08'02 Vitamini New photographs of Vitamini (inside and out)

07'02 Vitamini New photograph of sparking twin, size comparison between Kurts B&W and Vitamini

06'02 all pages I removed my email address from all pages and replaced it by a JavaScript creating the email link online so that robots have no chance to catch my email address from the HTML source code (I get more and more spam and try to fight against it now)
06'02 BlueThunder New set of dry pigs, main switch, some more data and images, a little clean up

03'02 safety page Added some remarks on fire extinguishers at the end of the page.
03'02 various pages New data on the caps (many thanks to Terry, Kurt and others!) led to a new design of my MMCs (no final design arrived yet)
2001/2002 - Nothing special, only some little changes. No big coiling activities during the last year (besides some coiler meetings on ham fests) because of renovation of my home (which will last till 2003)

01'01 spark gap "110kV-Ableiter" translated (AMRAD-principle)
01'01   Release of the new TC-related email address (the old one is still working)
01'01 RF-gnd This important part finally has got its own page now. Some more text was added.

12'00 safety page Added some more storys about what can go wrong (induction set matress on fire etc.) 
12'00 BlueThunder More about my Maxwell caps
12'00 4"-system Calculation of the MMC for the 4'"-TC at the end of the 4"-page.

10'00 BlueThunder I got Maxwell caps suitable for my BlueThunder system and did some calculations around them. I also cleaned up the mess around the descripions of the pigs.
10'00 4"-system As said, the I got Maxwells for the BlueThunder. So the WIMA-FKP1 caps can be used for an MMC in the 4'"-TC. Some preliminary calculations can be found at the end of the 4"-page.
10'00 2"-system The good lifetime of all the MMCs buildt by many people let me think a bit more positive on the design of a new MMC for my 2"-system. I will try to use less caps per string in the MMC for the 2"-system. Stay tuned on this page!
10'00 technological background Minor changes, especially in the lower part of the page.

13.8.00 BlueThunder I got two pigs and so I'm currently building (well, more like thinking about) all the components (ballast, control board, HV-RF-filter...) I need for them.

7'99-7'00 different pages Nothing special, only some little changes (mainly small corrections and improved english ;-) No big coiling activities during the last year (besides some coiler meetings)

2'00 Got my own domain name!

'99 Got my own ""-URL which is very easy to remember

13.06.99 2"-system Planned data of my new MMC (ERO-caps) for the 2"-system
04.06.99 lightning page Description of one more thunderstorm added.

13.05.99 spark gap page Description of a new gap I'll made from a commercial 110kV power line surge protector (lightning arrestor), added color and safety gap to the 'hot adjustable flat gap'
01.05.99 Vitamini added data on the ERO-caps (MMC)

25.04.99 all pages Added the copyright notice on all pages
25.04.99 update-page (this one) I decided to build this separate page for update-information
25.04.99 first tube type TC (RS282) Two new images of the inside of TTTC1
24.04.99 second tube type TC (GU81M) New page, heavily under construction!
15.04.99  neon xfmr page How to parallel neon xfmrs

24.03.99 toroids New description on how to build a toroid, new list of the toroids I own (I buildt three more in March)
14.03.99 BlueThunder (10"-coil) New calculations based on a new toroid and the new wire I found very cheap

21.02.99 Vitamini Circuit plan added
16.02.99 Vitamini I now get 20cm (8") long arcs between the twin secondaries using my new MKP-multicap-cap (MMC).
16.02.99 first tube type TC (RS282) New test in AC-mode, most of the description still in German
14.02.99 secondary Two-toroid approach, table of typical coil parameters

27.01.99 safety page Added a true story: "The 14-month-old was killed by an electricity experiment buildt by his father..."
18.01.99 Vitamini New images of arcs
1'99 first tube type TC (RS282) New page added
1'99 GTL Transfered the GTL website from Geocities to Schlund&Partner because of generally slow transfers and downloads on Geocities.
1'99  spark gap page The series rotary gap, how to compare different spark gaps, my gaps, breakdown voltage for series gaps, 'hot adjustable' flat gap

1997/98 (not complete, but hey - who'll be interested in the exact data of things changed some years ago???):
11'98 der Elektrounfall A new page in German which describes the dangers of electricity (useful diagrams)
10'98 TOC New GTL website at Geocities, link added
10'98 last page (links) Added link to "The Official Tesla Coil Screen Saver Contest". You can now download the winning images from the screen saver page of "Tesla Coil Madness".
9'98 Technological background BPS-dependence of the arc length
8'98 DC-flyback New page added
8'98 lightning page My first lightning photograph got its own page (with many lightning links)
8'98 TOC Added link to the GTL (the 'German Tesla List' I founded together with two other coilers in 8'98)
summer'98 AC-flyback New page added
summer'98 4"-coil Building, experimenting and documenting the 4"-coil system
spring &
summer '98
technological background Many updates (how-to's)
spring'98 . Added my website to the Tesla Coil Webring and some search engines
12'97 the beginning 'Stefans Tesla Pages' appeared in the www, primarily covering the 2"-coil and some background information